Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Send my Song(s) to Jamsz?

Great Question! It’s as easy as uploading an attachment on an email and clicking Send. One of the wonderful things about using JAMSZ, is upon your purchased Song Package you’ll receive the “Jamsz Download Packet” with our Online Recording Studio Guide, Instrument Selection List, and Details of your purchased Song Package. After your order processes you will receive your Custom Jamsz Link-Code, this is where you will fill out your song detail form – upload your track – submit it to Jamsz – all with one click of a button 🙂

How long does it take to complete my song?

Usually 7-15 business days depending on the package you purchased and the complexities of your song. JAMSZ is a Premium Online Recording Boutique, We take our time and create music from our Heart for your songs.

How Will I Communicate with Jamsz during my song(s) production?

When you purchase a Song Package it will have the personal email and phone number of your Jamsz Audio Recording Engineer, Musician, and Producer. Our communication together will be Frequent and Productive.

What if I want to Purchase a Jamsz Song Package(s) as a Gift for a friend or family members Song?

That’s Awesome! Jamsz loves the “Give the Gift of Music” concept and over 20% of our recording Projects are just that. Just Download and send The “Jamsz Download Packet” along with the custom Jamsz Link-Code to the Artist it’s intended for and they can take it from there. So if you know someone who needs to get their songs recorded Professionally with Quality and Fantastic Production, then Jamsz Online Recording Studio is Definitely the Right Choice for You!  >>>Click here<<<

What if I don’t like the music you create and record for my song?

That’s why we send you a pre-mix of the completed instrumental for your review and approval before we even consider having you record your part(s) to the music. This is where you may request any changes you want and we will gladly re-create and record your changes one time for FREE! Also if for any reason you don’t totally love the music for your song, JAMSZ will give you a refund for all unapproved work no questions asked!

Does the song I send to Jamsz have to be good quality or professional?

Of course not, thats what it will be when we are done working together though! Anything you’ve got! A simple scratch/rough track of your song will do–send us a basic guitar/vocal recording or anything that will give us the general idea of your song. You can send us a ‘vocals-only’ version or even just your lyrics and a reference song! Some Jamsz Artists record their song on an iPhone and that’s totally good enough to get started! Your purchased Jamsz Download Package guides you through the entire process in real simple proven steps. After all, we all just want to Focus on the Music while keeping it a real Easy and Awesome Process!

What if I have a song already with a few tracks and just want a couple of instruments added?

That’s great, Your song should be synced to a click track (metronome) and we’ll just follow the tempo(s) and add whatever instrumentation you want. Songs not synced to some form of a tempo/click track will take more time and work resulting in an additional charge. Jamsz recommends always using a click track if you’re not planning on having a whole new version of your song composed and recorded.

Will I keep 100% Ownership of my Song?     

Absolutely! JAMSZ is 100% “Work for hire.” That form will be signed and sent to you upon completion of the song. You will always have 100% Master/Publishing/Copyright of your Music!  Think of Jamsz like a Ghost-Writer if you will.

What if I have questions that are not listed here? 

Jamsz Feels and Believes The more communication the better. Contact us here with your questions and we will get right back to you with the answers. JAMSZ looks forward to being a part of your Music Recording Success!!!