JAMSZ is Built with World Class Musicianship and Audio Recording Engineering that will let the Music and Sound of the Final Product Speak for Itself. JAMSZ is not a fly by night hurry-up computer automated service! Jamsz is a High Class Music Boutique that gets Deep in an Artists Song to convey the Full Feeling and Emotion of what the Artist is trying to express through their Music. It takes more than a quick progression that sounds like everyone else or the same old rhythms, riffs, beats, loops, sound and structure that you hear over and over again! We spare no effort or expense in using the Best Musicians Playing the BestSounding Instruments! We pay attention to every last note, sound, and acoustic detail—because we know you’ll be doing the same and YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!!  We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction! If for any reason you don’t love your song and don’t want to continue, no problem – Jamsz offers a full refund for any unapproved work on your song. No questions asked. Thank you, Now let’s get started!!! 

It’s My Responsibility and Obligation to make sure You receive the Highest Quality and Dynamical Music for Your Songs. I’m not here to be an average music source, I’m here to be Awesome! The Exceptional Music I Create for You is not an act, It’s a Habit. The Best advertising I can have is a Loyal Artist Spreading the Word about how Incredible Their Music is that I provided and the Experience We Shared working on it Together. I Believe all my Artist Clients are my Partners in Success… – Jamsz K. – CEO


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